Work-Life Balance

Jen in oasis.JPG

When my friend said to me, “You should write a blog on how you achieve work life balance,” I thought, do I?! Last week, I ordered takeout three times, had to dig out the uncomfortable, back up underwear and sent my sons to school with stained soccer jerseys and three out of four pant knees torn. And let’s be honest, I should be calling them floods, not pants.

Last year at this time, my (privileged and cliched) life was pretty manageable. I was volunteering regularly in the lunchroom, running three times a week, making dinner most nights and managing a small private psychotherapy practice which was enjoyable and flexible. 

But then my life took a sharp turn; my father, brother and husband said, “Why don’t you get involved in our coworking project?” At this point, my boys were 5 and 7 years old and at school most of the day. The timing was right to try something new. Could it be fun to work with all the men in my life?! If nothing else, interesting.

Turns out many of the skills required in raising children, running a house and a private practice were transferable. I am detail oriented, I know how to multi task and prioritize, I can hold a lot of information in my head at one time and I know how to communicate honestly and assertively. Step aside gents. 

Today, as President of 3rd Space, I maintain my sanity by reminding myself of a few things: kids really don’t need to shower every night, eat vegetables every day or do homework every night. There is no end to “the list”. Sleep eight hours or more. Exercise. Sometimes I’ll just f#$k it up. Be accountable. Read. Stop reading about Trump. Yes, he really did just do that. Make time to drink wine and eat good food with good friends. Help foster and be a part of local community.

I’m not sure I have achieved work life balance but I have two happy boys with holes in their shoes and dirt on their faces and with the help of an amazing team, I have built a kick ass coworking space. I call it life. The balance part is a moving target. #3rdspacecowork