Meet Community Manager Kenneth Miles 

As you enter 3RD Space you’re greeted by our Community Manager, Kenneth Miles. From giving tours of 3RD Space to potential members to helping create weekly networking events and panel discussions Miles  has eagerly awaited the day for 3RD Space to open its doors to the public. “I am so grateful to be in a position where I can be of service to people and have the opportunity to utilize my talents and further explore my interests in business development, community service, and writing,” Miles said. 

Miles’ involvement with 3RD Space includes everything from marketing to taste testing local pastries and coffee for The Ground cafe.  “I don’t even like to call what I do a job, I consider it a position. I truly love Newark and the people. I went to college in Newark, I’ve worked in Newark, I’ve partied in Newark so I felt an affinity for the city for a very long time. I grew up in nearby in Jersey City. I feel apart of the community and I have instilled a sense of pride for Brick City as if it was my hometown.” 

Miles began his career as a writer for The Jersey Journalas a teenager writing a weekly column. As a freelance journalist Miles work has appeared in The New York Times Syndicate,Brick City Live,Hycide, BlackEnterprise, Industry, Vibe, Paper, and Interview magazines. Miles served as an editor for The Sourcemagazine for three years as part of “The Mind Squad,” where he covered the culture and politics section. “Working at The Source magazine was a magical experience I was fortunate to be apart of. I was apart of documenting  a culture that  I was apart of and loved. Today social media is the vehicle people use to get their message out,  but nothing will compare to sitting in a conference room late at night with your peers coming up with story ideas and arguing over the merits of a five mic classic album. Nothing.”

Miles is both an  Essex County College and Bloomfield College alumnus who studied broadcast journalism. “What I have learned is that in order to be successful you have to always be willing to be humble and open to learning. We live in a fast-paced world that’s constantly evolving and experience has shown me that I have to be adaptable. Before taking on the Community Manager role I wasn’t familiar with the concept of coworking, but I have learned to embrace the idea. When it comes to my writing and conducting work-related tasks I find that I’m able to get more work done in a coworking space as opposed to me working from home. I attribute that to both creative synergy of the  coworking space and to the free coffee some of the coworking spaces that I’ve worked out of offer their members.”

After several months of detailed planning of construction, interior design, and marketing, Miles, along with 3RD Space managing members are excited to open the doors. “I’ve done a lot of homework about coworking. I’ve visited a lot of coworking spaces and I have found the most important element of making a great coworking space are the people. It’s one thing to work in an office, it’s another thing when you feel like the place where you work is like a second home, which is why we chose the name 3RD Space.”

In between making sure 3RD Space members are getting the most out of their coworking experience, Miles is working on his memoir that he is looking to complete before the end of the year. “My experience as a writer gave me some of the skills I need to be a Community Manager. I really look forward to the building of community here at 3RD Space. If there is anything that I can do to make your experience here better including connecting you to other members, please let me know. We strive to be the best  ath what we do and to help you take your business or project to the next level of success.”